Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Pemilihan Jurusan SMK Negeri di Kota Banjarmasin


  • Arifin Noor Asyikin Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin
  • Fuad Sholihin Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin
  • M. Helmy Noor Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin
  • Muhammad Akbar Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin


SMK, Banjarmasin, AHP


The greater number of majors at the SMK level, the more difficult for students to determine the right major according to their abilities. Most students only follow friends to choose a major, so it allows students to feel unsuitable after entering the major. Therefore, we need a decision support system that can help students to determine the majors they will choose. This system implements the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, which is a method that uses a pairwise comparison. This system will give weights from the arrangement of criteria that have been compared by the user so that it can rank what majors best match the criteria entered by the user.


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