Analisis Usability Testing Guna Meningkatkan Efisiensi Kerja (Studi Kasus: Website Lo Kreatif)


  • Dewi Azizah Satyarini Sugiono STIKI Malang
  • Addin Aditya STIKI Malang
  • Hilman Nuril Hadi STIKI Malang
  • Febry Eka Purwiantono STIKI Malang


evaluation, system usability testing (SUS), usability testing, website


The LO Kreatif website is one of many examples of websites that provide services in the form of information on competitions organized by APTISI 7 JATIM. The website created in 2020 will continuously be used as a source for disseminating information in the form of training announcements, competitions, and archives of activities carried out so that periodic development is still needed. This study was conducted to evaluate how high the usability level of the LO Kreatif website is currently, using the Usability Testing method which refers to 5 usability components (Learnability, Efficiency, Memorability, Errors, and Satisfaction). The System Usability Scale (SUS) calculation method which requires the distribution of a questionnaire as a measuring tool of the 5 usability components according to the subjective assessment of website users. The results of the research show that the LO Kreatif website is subjectively considered quite difficult to use or not yet usable where the average usability value is 63 or can be included in the grade D category.


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