Sistem Monitoring Project Berbasis Web di PT. Hariff Daya Tunggal Engineering


  • Zulfikar Rubiyanto Politeknik LP3I
  • Rita Komalasari Politeknik LP3I
  • Zen Munawar Politeknik LP3I
  • Novianti Indah Putri Universitas Kebangsaan Republik Indonesia


application, monitoring, project, website, software development life cycle


PT. Hariff Daya Tunggal Engineering is a private telecommunications company founded in 1982 in Bandung. This company has implemented monitoring activities that are currently underway to find out every project carried out. This monitoring activity is assisted by an application that records all monitoring activities. However, the application can be said to be incompatible with the needs of employees. The purpose of this study is to find out obstacles in monitoring activities and solutions to overcome obstacles in monitoring activities. The research was conducted using the SDLC methodology or Software Development Life Cycle with a waterfall model. The data collection techniques used are literature studies and field studies in the form of observations and interviews. The results of the research that has been carried out are in the form of designing a website-based application that is used to support monitoring activities in accordance with employee needs. With this monitoring website, it is hoped that it can improve the performance of monitoring activities to be more effective in the future.


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