Pengembangan Aplikasi Berbagi Makanan Berbasis Android


  • Shania Saraswati STIKI Malang
  • Siti Aminah STIKI Malang
  • Bagus Kristomoyo Kristanto STIKI Malang


Apps, food sharing, food waste, hunger


Indonesia ranks 2nd in the case of food waste contributors in the world with an average of 300kg of food waste for one person in one year, Indonesia also ranks 70th in cases of serious hunger levels in 2019. With this problem the author created a food sharing application that aims to reduce food waste and increase a sense of caring among others by distributing food that is still edible to people in need easily through this food sharing application. The results of this study are mobile applications that have been tested by application users. From the results of the questionnaire processing, it was found that 98.07% with this value, this food sharing application can be said to be feasible to be applied in Malang City and its surroundings. guide, about app, uploaded food and changed password.


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